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Four types of investors: Identify the one in you

Updated: 08 Mar 2022, 10:03 AM IST

Identify the type of investor you are and accordingly make wise investment decisions, as mentioned in the famous 1973 classic book ‘In the wonderland of Indian Managers’.

Four types of investors: Identify the one in you

Four types of investors: Identify the one in you

Sharu Rangnekar is one of the best Indian management gurus I have read. He wrote a classic in 1973 known as ‘In the wonderland of Indian Managers’.

In this book, he described the common problems and their solutions in his characteristic style which is also complemented by R K Laxman’s inimitable cartoons.

He quoted Vinoba Bhave “there are only 4 types of people in this world: Sust (Lazy), Vyast (Busy), Mast (Happy), and Trast (Disengaged).

Rangnekar has used them to define four types of managers in this all-time classic. I am taking inspiration to define four types of investors. Here are they:


They can easily delay anything and procrastinate important investment decisions for the next day and tomorrow never dies. If a new initiative is to be taken, they will be the last to agree and perform. They will just be too reluctant to do anything and the author called them bogus bandwala.


They always pretend to be busy, hardworking, doing some activities all the time, and are a little tense, for them even 24 hours fall short. They are always busy with no productivity. Can you guess who they can be?


These are the people you always find positive and engaged. They always love their work. They are swift, cheerful, and enthusiastic. They do their work beforehand, clear about their objectives, avoid unwanted risk, they are their own boss, take their own decisions and listen to everyone but would take a decision in line with their pre-defined criteria.


These people who will be extremely unhappy with everything they deal with. They will always find fault in everything which others may not be keen to look at and they are good for nothing.

The conclusion is that the true investors are one who have conquered the mind and they rise above the corrections and rallies, joy and sorrow. Such investors remain peaceful and steadfast in their investment journey.


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First Published: 03 Feb 2022, 04:39 PM IST