scorecardresearchHow do you benefit from the stock market apps?

How do you benefit from the stock market apps?

Updated: 11 May 2022, 09:02 AM IST

There are scores of smartphone applications that facilitate trading for avid investors. We explain some of the key benefits of using these apps

The stock market apps make the experience of investors convenient and hassle-free.

The stock market apps make the experience of investors convenient and hassle-free.

In our day to day lives, we use a number of smartphone apps for everything from shopping to banking, among other purposes. No wonder then there are a slew of apps to facilitate stock market trading. As one would expect, the stock market apps make the experience of investors convenient and hassle-free. These apps are designed to help investors check their portfolios on a real time basis, and monitor the changes in stock prices.

There are multiple benefits that any investor and trader can avail of from these stock market apps.

Operational convenience – These stock trading apps allow the investors to handle trading on their own without any mediator. This aids the investors to minimise the possibility of wrong transactions. Once the investors decide the stock to buy, the order gets executed by the brokerage firm directly without any intermediary.

Uncomplicated usage – The stock market in itself is very risky and volatile. Investors are required to be cautious right from the selection of stocks to making the final investment. The app gives access to several videos that guide the investors throughout the process of stock selection, trading and investment. This helps investors understand the basic processes and managing risks.

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Feasibility of trading – Through these apps, investors can use their mobile phones to carry out trading. Moreover, the app can be accessed throughout the day, even after the market hours.

Management of the portfolio – Portfolio management is a very crucial aspect of a successful investment journey. The stock market app comes with an inbuilt portfolio management software that helps in the effective calculation of market conditions and balancing of their portfolios.

Regular alerts – Constant flow of market information is key to effective trading. These market apps ensure to send real-time market information to the investors regarding fluctuations in the market and can also offer investment suggestions.

Efficient security – Every investor has their own strategies to survive in the stock market. To maintain this, the app ensures heavy protection for the details of the investor’s portfolio and account details. The whole information is guarded against any cyber-attack while providing robust security features.

Investment in the stock market is risky and daunting but with little additional aid, it can be easy and profitable. The stock market apps provide such guidance and make trading comparatively easier and secure.

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First Published: 11 May 2022, 09:02 AM IST