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How to check IPO allotment status?

Updated: 17 Mar 2022, 11:11 PM IST

By providing the IPO allocation number or the PAN number, investors can verify the status of their allotment. Read further to know more about it

tThe IPO allotment status is available on the registrars' website. By entering the PAN number or the IPO allocation number ypu can check allotment status.

tThe IPO allotment status is available on the registrars' website. By entering the PAN number or the IPO allocation number ypu can check allotment status.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the medium through which private companies go public. It is a good opportunity for the investors as the shares are made available at a fair valuation and there is the scope of earning great returns on the same. 

There are numerous instances when an investor does not get an allotment even after several trials. The first step in this direction is to check the allotment from a reliable source.

How to check IPO allotment status?

The IPO allotment status is a detailed manual that talks about the number of shares allotted to an investor in an IPO. The process of IPO allotment is executed by the registrar of the IPO. The status of the allotment is declared to the public through the website of the registrar of the IPO on the ‘IPO allotment date’.

The basis of allotment is also published by the Registrar in the form of a document. This document conveys the details about the allotments according to the number of applications that were received for the IPO.

The status of the allotment and calculation of the IPO allotment can be viewed online on the registrar’s website (listed in the next section). The investor can check his/her allotment status by entering the IPO allocation number or the PAN Number. Alongside, BSE, NSE, NSDL and CDSL also notify about the IPO allotment status via SMS and email.

We explain here how to check IPO allotment status

Where to check IPO allotment status?

The website of the IPO registrar can be visited by the IPO investors to check the allotment status. The registrar of an IPO is a financial institution that is registered with the stock exchange and SEBI. The registrars are responsible for maintaining a record of the issues along with the ownership of shares of the company.

It is the responsibility of the registrar to allot the shares to the investors in an IPO, process the refunds for the investors who couldn’t get the shares and transfer the shares that are allocated to the investors to their Demat account. Each IPO has a designated registrar, these are KFIN Technologies, Link Intime India, Bigshare Services and Alankit.

The procedure to check your allotment for the desired IPO remains more or less for all the four mentioned sources. You are supposed to begin by visiting the website and then selecting the name of the IPO or the company. The next step would be entering necessary details like PAN number, DP ID, application number and all the other details that are asked.

What is the reason for not getting an allotment?

There can be various reasons for not getting the allotment. However, the three major reasons apart from the discrepancy in the issue price and bid price are listed below:

Your name was not probably picked up in case of a lucky draw which is undertaken in case of a very large oversubscription

The bid made by you was termed invalid and eliminated because of the incorrect Demat account number, multiple applications, incorrect PAN number or an error with any other detail.

Another possible reason could be different PAN numbers for different accounts. If an individual uses different PAN numbers for the bank account, Demat account, trading account then the company cancels his/her bid. 

Bottom line

As per the new IPO allotment process brought in 2012, all the retail individual investors (RII) are treated equally. Under this system, applicants are allotted at least the minimum size of applications, this is however subject to the availability of shares.


First Published: 13 Dec 2021, 05:43 PM IST