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3 important learnings from fund manager Daylynn Pinto’s investment journey

Updated: 29 Oct 2022, 09:40 AM IST
IDFC Mutual Fund is best for investors with a moderate risk appetite. Unlike many mutual funds where the risk-to-reward ratio tilts more toward risk, this fund assumes less risk. Daylynn Pinto shares his insights from a 12-year journey filled with both profits and losses.
Specific learnings from the stock market.

Specific learnings from the stock market.

Daylynn Pintois not a new face in the mutual fund industry. This senior fund manager – equity, IDFC Mutual Fund has experience exceeding a decade in the mutual fund industry

Before joining IDFC AMC, Pinto was its fund manager associated with UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. Most fund managers look for his famous Business Reforms Action Plan (BRAP) when selecting stocks. Most of his funds have outperformed, thus, validating his rationale for active fund management.

Mutual Funds managed by Daylynn Pinto
Absolute returns (in %) as on Oct 24, 2022
Scheme Name

Three-year returns 

(in %)

IDFC Sterling Value Fund (G)98.70
IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS)-RP (G)87.10
IDFC Sterling Value Fund - D (G)105.30
IDFC Tax Adv. (ELSS) -Direct (G)93.40
Source: Moneycontrol 

He attributes his unconventional approach to choosing and sizing portfolios across various market cap segments, thus using the volatility in equity markets. Some of his famous investing principles include:

  • A contrarian view toward stock or sector selection
  • Value versus price matters. This is why one must focus on the price paid for the stock than categorize companies as high or low quality.
  • Do not succumb to emotions while investing in the market.

Making mistakes is an essential part of one’s investment journey. Experience matters because it helps shape expertise. His investing philosophy can be summed up in the following errors that taught him how to evaluate the market.

  • Inability to interpret market cycles and their effect on company businesses.
  • Too much leverage can hurt your business prospects.
  • Realizing the margin of safety when buying stocks.
  • Ineptitude to predict the market’s future

Learning how the market behaves and will react to certain situations takes time. Probing specific situations while building a stock portfolio helps gain a clear picture of the kinds of investments one must make. 

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First Published: 29 Oct 2022, 09:40 AM IST