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5 tips to ensure a smooth investment journey

Updated: 23 Apr 2023, 09:58 AM IST

The right investing strategy can help you earn high returns. However, investing in the correct instruments necessitates a lot of effort, research, and discipline without which your investment strategy would be marred with hurdles and losses.

Tips to ensure a smooth investment journey

Tips to ensure a smooth investment journey

Investing is not easy as it looks. It takes a lot of effort and time to grow money, which is why early investing is always advised. However, mere investing is not enough. You must be willing to invest smartly to achieve your financial goals early in life. Investing in the wrong kinds of investments will only result in unforeseen losses, which is why you must follow some necessary steps to ensure your investment journey sans any hiccups.

Decide your goals depending on what you need

Your investment goals must be as per your requirements. Earning money is not so difficult as growing it, which is why you must choose your investments carefully. Do not rush to invest as per hearsay; instead, list all the investments, compare them, and decide which of them suits best to meet your financial goals. Do not ignore the tax component as the returns post-taxation will underline how much you have earned and saved over the period.

Start early

The period of time you want to hold your investments is known as your investing time horizon. You cannot afford to ignore it as this may last for a few years to a decade or more. Your investment tenure must dictate your idea and plan to invest your money. Apart from market-linked returns, it is the compounding effect that helps money grow over the period. However, you can witness the magic of compounding only when you continue to invest for a prolonged tenure.

Do not forget to diversify

Investing in only one kind of investment has never helped anyone to earn decent returns. The idea must be to diversify your investments and allocate your earnings to equities, debt funds, fixed-income instruments, gold, real estate, etc., in a way that not only earns high returns but also lends you the satisfaction of not having put your money in one kind of instrument alone. Your investment portfolio's total risk can be decreased by diversification.

Timing the market is futile

Trying to time the market is a dangerous tactic that frequently results in subpar investment results. Instead, concentrate on a long-term investing plan that is consistent with your financial objectives. The best way to continue investing is to allocate your money regularly through a systematic investment plan (SIP) that not only allows scope for regular and continued investments. Patience and discipline are necessary for successful investing. Even in a tumultuous market, stick to your investment plan.

Seek professional help

There are too many complexities involved in investing. If you're unsure about any part of your investment strategy, it's crucial to get professional assistance because investing can be complicated. You can develop an investment strategy that is specific to your requirements and objectives with the aid of a professional financial advisor.

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First Published: 23 Apr 2023, 09:58 AM IST