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How to create extra savings by using your talents?

Updated: 17 Mar 2022, 11:15 PM IST

Are you looking for a way to supplement your income with some extra cash? Do you have any abilities or talents that you believe could be monetised? If it’s true, then you can find several alternatives to convert your unique skills into a potential source of money

One can consider several ways to use their talent for extra income.

One can consider several ways to use their talent for extra income.

Students who usually have to travel far from home in order to continue their higher studies are often seen to be struggling with managing expenses. Not just the management of expenses but the unavailability of enough money can be an issue as well.

Now, it’s understood that students have to focus on their studies and careers but little extra savings can go a long way. But the question is, how to generate those savings and extra funds? And the answer is really simple. Side hustles and internships!

Various online platforms now provide opportunities to earn a little extra something. And internships, along with providing some funds help in enhancing your resumes and pave a way for a better career opportunity. Let us take a look at both of these options in some detail.

Side Hustles

Side hustling means making money alongside one's main form of employment or income. But in the case of students, it does not refer to employment, rather their ongoing projects and education. So basically, there are ways through which one can earn some extra funds along with working their regular jobs and pursuing their education in case of students.

Let us take a look at the platforms which provide with an opportunity to showcase talents along with compensating people for it:

If you have a knack for writing articles and stuff like that, you can explore the sites which pay for doing that. Healthy Living, Slate, Copy Hackers, FreshBooks, Bustle, Newsbreak, Buzzfeed and money pantry are some such sites.

If you love taking pictures and like photography, websites like scoop shot, Shutterstock, Alamy, istock can help you earn through this talent of yours.

Sites like Chegg. Offer money to people who can answer questions based on the subjects of their liking. This site is for those who are 18+, as a pan card and a bank account with your name is a necessary requirement. You’ll also be asked for your credentials, so it is essential that you have knowledge regarding the subject you’re signing up for.

ySense, Swagbucks, Netflix, Inboxdollars, Inboxpounds, Vindale research are some sites that offer money just for watching videos. People usually spend hours simply binge-watching shows, movies, and videos in general. Therefore, it's a good option to explore.

VIP voice, Nielsen, Grape Data, Survey Junkie, CashKarma, Opinion Outpost, Google Opinion Rewards, Toluna and many more are some sites that pay you for filling up surveys. It's an easy way to earn money in case a person doesn’t possess any specific skill set.

Kirkus Reviews, Women’s Review of Books, Reedsy Discovery, Online Book Club, Publishers Weekly and the U.S. Review of Books are some sites that pay people for reading books. The amount paid by each one differs.

SquadRun, Gigindia, Pixel, clickindia Infomedia are some apps that can also help you in earning money through different activities. It is essential that you check the whole app before signing up for anything.

If you think that you have a good skill set and that you can use it to earn money by offering your services, then sites like, and are there to help you.

You can create templates on Canva and pins on Pinterest and sell them to earn money.

These were some of the many ways in which you can earn money through side hustling along with pursuing your education or your regular job. But internships can also help you in that. 

An extra advantage of doing relevant internships is that it will add to your curriculum vitae and will help you in getting better jobs in the future as employers prefer people with some past industry experience.

How to get Internships?

There are multiple ways to procure internships for yourself but the thing which needs to be taken care of is that the internships which you apply for are relevant to the field of study or your interest which you plan to pursue after completing graduation.

One of the most common ways to get internships is through the institution or college you study in. Most of the colleges have a placement cell that works in order to get a placement as well as internship opportunities for the students. You can keep tabs on the opportunities floated and apply accordingly.

Another brilliant way of getting internships is through efficient networking. It is essential that you have a LinkedIn presence as it helps to connect with people involved in different fields. Sending cold emails and messages is also an intelligent technique. It might not bear visible results immediately but can surely help to attract opportunities eventually.

Becoming aware of the industry and world at an early stage can prove to be beneficial in terms of understanding as well as experience. Side hustling helps people, not only to earn money but also to gain essential experience. Having a few extra dimes in your pocket will always work as a protective blanket and will also give you a sense of security.


First Published: 15 Dec 2021, 04:56 PM IST