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How to have a luxuriously cheap vacation?

Updated: 24 Mar 2022, 04:11 PM IST

Although luxury is subjective, it is important to know and understand what it means to have a luxuriously cheap vacation. Let us take you through the journey of exploring this

While money can always buy you the most unique vacation experiences, effective money management may pave the easier road for you.

While money can always buy you the most unique vacation experiences, effective money management may pave the easier road for you.

It is customary to wish for a break from the regular and hectic life. Accordingly, most of us plan a vacation to any sought-after destination to restore the peace within ourselves. 

On the other hand, we always are conscious about the extent of expenses we are ready to incur during the vacation. So, definitely every person plans the whole vacation beforehand in order to be aware of an estimation of the tour’s overall cost.

Sometimes, we set a certain limitation on the amount of money to be spent and thus we compromise on the luxuries that one could enjoy during the vacation. However, there is no need to trade off the luxurious trip because of the cost as such a trip can be planned within the given budget following certain tips.

The very first one would be to pick a correct destination where the cost of living is not sky high. If the cost of living is low then it gives you an edge to visit and buy a wide range of things during your stay. 

For example, Indonesia’s currency rupiah is lower than that of India. So, tourists from India can have an extremely expensive stay at a low cost in Bali (island in Indonesia) due to favourable exchange rate. Thus, try to factor in the currency exchange before choosing the vacation destination.

Secondly, if the goal of the trip is to have fun and relax, it is advisable to visit the place during the off- season as the prices of the food and stay drop during the off- peak. 

Anyhow, it’s essential for the tourist to estimate additional expenses and plan a budget for the trip accordingly. When a budget is planned, one won’t need to spend more even though the place attracts miscellaneous expenses.

Thirdly, awareness about the different kinds of cost that can incur is extremely essential. Especially for a trip, there may be three kinds of costs — what you incur before the trip, actual expenses incurred during the trip, and the few unanticipated expenses that occur all of a sudden.

The preparation cost involves all the bookings, transportation cost and if needed visa, etc. The actual expenses include those that incur while you are on vacation as we buy souvenirs, local commute costs, food and accommodation and others. Finally, we must be ready to incur expenses that are unplanned such as taking a cab if you missed the local bus.

Most importantly, keep an eye out on looking for discounts and offers that might be available. Even the hotels at tourist places, at times, give offers. One can check them thoroughly to keep the expenses to the minimum. 

Although luxury is subjective, make sure that you know and understand what luxury means to you and plan your holiday accordingly.


First Published: 14 Dec 2021, 05:15 PM IST