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Mystery, Meaning and Motive of Money

Updated: 08 Mar 2022, 05:43 PM IST

You may spend months, if not years, seeking to meet significant financial objectives only to fall short of each deadline. Would you be able to explain what money means to you if someone asked? Let's find some.

Mystery, Meaning and Motive of Money

Mystery, Meaning and Motive of Money

The transition of an old telltale to a token of expression: Money is the testament to the route that evolution has taken, the road to identity and expression, to the objects of repression and captivity, is evident, congenial and blurry. The plethora of roadmaps create imagery of real-life material and its entailed benefits, humans dedicate their lives to the cause of it and die in vain. Money is flighty, pure, unachievable and distant. The more one tries to seize it the farther it goes, it comes in time, stays in the right proportion of time and then disappears in the slip of a moment. While all this sounds philosophical, it also makes great sense.

What is the value of money to you? This is, without a doubt, the most crucial financial question you'll ever face. Not how much you should spend, how much you should save, how much you should create, or how much you should give. It's all about what money means to you.

Money isn't just money. Money represents a lot of things: power, love, joy, and so on. Our "money troubles" would be easily remedied if it was just a matter of money. We could just cease spending more than we earn and be content!

Money may be the source of all evil, but only if you aren't honest with yourself about what money means to you. It's all about love and relationships when it comes to money. "It has the incredible ability to both bring people together and rip them apart. You can't get away from money. It will pursue you down and capture you if you flee. I believe we are doomed if we do not grasp our relationship to money in this culture. You simply don't know yourself if you don't know how you feel about money and how to truly understand that relationship. Period.

To understand the challenges we have with money as adults, we must go back to our childhood; we must investigate the meaning of money in our own lives and in the lives of our parents because our parents' attitudes toward money most certainly formed the attitudes we have now. Try to uncover the mind and crack the code of youthful exuberance to unwind the attitude towards life. Attitude towards money moulds a belief system. It becomes a manifestation of thoughts and a clarity about the exchanges involved in climbing the social ladder.

Therefore, when I asked my friends, “what does money mean to you”, I got a plethora of different answers. Being surrounded by young, ambitious girls when I asked this question would’ve been a contributing factor for the same. An escape, independence, luxury, necessity, survival, lifestyle, comfort. These were the answers. Each word depicts a different sentiment altogether. A different dream, desire and imagination. And that is exactly what money means to me.


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First Published: 08 Mar 2022, 05:42 PM IST