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Odisha train accident: 3 reasons why you should buy travel insurance

Updated: 08 Jun 2023, 10:06 AM IST

In the wake of the Odisha train mishap, travel insurance is essential to secure travels against unforeseen risks such as medical risks, theft, and travel disruptions.

The Odisha train accident killed 275 people and injured as many as 1000 people.

The Odisha train accident killed 275 people and injured as many as 1000 people.

The Odisha train mishap brings forth the need to ensure travel security through insurance. The mishap that occurred due to three trains colliding with each other resulted in the deaths of 275 people while injuring more than 1000 travellers on board.

The vast mangle of iron steaming off heat and smoke stamped with the effect of an unfortunate accident caught headlines of major newspapers with some even claiming it as one of the biggest railway disasters in the past 20 years.

Frequent travellers are now forced to think of the futility of ignoring the importance of travel insurance that covers various risks associated with travel. Many people misconstrue travel insurance being limited to travel by flights alone, not realizing how they can secure their journey by just accepting to pay a minimal amount, they can seek coverage in the event of any untoward event or mishap during travel.

Why should you buy travel insurance?

Accidents can come knocking at your door at any time. In a sudden twist of fate, you might find yourself at the centre of a sudden and unforeseen tragedy while travelling. Your bags may be stolen or you may be injured or maimed due to an accident. Having travel insurance in place ensures that you are covered well enough against medical risks, travel risks, theft, and travel disruptions.

If you are still wondering why travel insurance is important or why you must have one to secure your travels in the future, read the following benefits of having one such insurance plan.

Coverage against medical expenses

No travel insurance company will ask you how you got hurt or fell ill during travel till you can prove that you needed medical help during your journey. This explains why any travel insurance policy will not deny coverage to pay for medical expenses up to a certain point. These regulations don’t make distinctions between different kinds of medical emergencies.

Any sort of medical or accident treatment is acceptable, and the insurance provider will cover costs up to the specified amount. The insurance companies also help the policyholders with the list of network hospitals where they may seek treatment as and when required.

Covers the risks of travel

The recent Balasore accident is stark evidence of how your journey can be fraught with unwanted and unwarranted risks. This is not the first time that an accident of this magnitude has occurred nor can we vouch for the possibility that it would not happen again. Human errors may be negligible but cannot be completely ignored too.

Also, having this kind of cover secures you against the loss of baggage or important documents, thus, shielding you against any kind of unforeseen financial loss. In case your flight/train is cancelled, the insurance company is bound to cover you up to a certain limit, thus, relieving you from having to pay for costly fares.

Timely assistance

Trip disruptions can be hassling. Many travellers complain about how their trips get cancelled at the last minute. This has caused many to curtail their plans of travelling midway. Your travel insurance company will either refund the money you lost on booking tickets or pay for the next journey you plan immediately. However, the compensation is only up to a certain limit, which means that the company will cover that part of the expense, which is non-refundable.

Insurance firms offer a variety of help options in the event that you run across issues when travelling. Their advice can assist you in properly submitting your claims and in locating a network hospital where you can receive treatment. The insurance provider is required to assist you in times of need as long as your insurance policy is active.


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First Published: 08 Jun 2023, 10:06 AM IST