scorecardresearchTop 10 mutual funds companies in India in October 2022

Top 10 mutual funds companies in India in October 2022

Updated: 15 Nov 2022, 12:19 PM IST

Classifying AMCs based on their AUMs may help in identifying investor interest though the same may not hint at profitability.

Classifying AMCs based on their AUMs is a common affair.

Classifying AMCs based on their AUMs is a common affair.

It is common to classify mutual funds based on performance (say returns over the past five to 10 years) and expense ratios. Some also classify funds based on their investing structure, i.e., open-ended or closed-ended or interval funds. 

Currently, investors are rating mutual funds based on their assets under management (AUMs). Undoubtedly, this is an important factor to be considered while parking money in mutual funds. This is because higher capital translates to more opportunities for investment, which is why we find many mutual fund houses investing outside India too.

Fisdom Research recently compiled its findings in “Mutual Fund Industry Factbook – November 2022” and ranked 10 AMCs by their respective AUMs.

Ranking AMCs based on their AUMs
AMC Name AUM Rank

 Total AUM in September 22 

(in crores)

 Total AUM in October 22 

(in crores)

 Month on Month Increase in AUM

(in %)

SBI Funds Management Limited 16,85,0987,12,1734.0
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited24,91,0675,05,7713.0
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited34,26,8924,40,9333.3
Nippon Life India Asset Management Limited42,80,2822,91,2043.9
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited52,77,2962,88,2694.0
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited62,69,3302,77,1442.9
Axis Asset Management Company Ltd72,43,4202,51,1593.2
UTI Asset Management Company Private Limited82,32,2072,42,8704.6
IDFC Asset Management Company Limited91,16,2001,18,8372.3
DSP Investment Managers Private Limited101,11,5111,16,4194.4
Source: Fisdom Research

SBI Mutual Fund House continues to top the list of asset management companies with its AUM going up on a month-on-month basis. However, it is UTI AMC’s AUM that rose the fastest in contrast to the top 10 AMCs

The AUM of an AMC is often considered an essential parameter by interested investors. Higher AUM size reflects growing interest and trust in that particular AMC with the mutual fund having higher cash reserves to deploy for investments. Higher AUM also means that the fund managers can either buy large stakes in profit-making companies while having enough to put in investible ideas and huge business potential.

The ability to manage the continuously high investment inflow reflects the ability of the management to handle such a large amount of money. It also speaks volumes about the quality of the management that is able to attract such a huge money inflow.

While investors may be in awe of such high AUMs, looks can be deceiving too. More money at disposal does not affect the firm’s profitability. A lot depends on how the assets are managed. Not all fund managers may be adept to handle such a huge amount.

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First Published: 15 Nov 2022, 12:19 PM IST