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What is the process to buy health insurance online?

Updated: 12 Apr 2022, 02:23 PM IST

Health Insurance Policy has become increasingly important in today's world and a person can simply purchase it online. To get health insurance coverage online, there are a few basic and easy steps to follow, which we elucidate in detail in the following article.

Having health insurance is virtually a prerequisite to lead a secure life.

Having health insurance is virtually a prerequisite to lead a secure life.

In today’s world, having health insurance is virtually a prerequisite to lead a secure life. Thanks to technology, it is quite easy to buy a health insurance plan these days without having to throw oneself into the redundant cycle of dealing with insurance agents and complex paperwork.

Steps to purchase health insurance online:

Compare and decide: The first step is to compare among different policies offered by different insurance companies according to one’s requirements and budget. This is important as choosing the wrong plan can lead to unnecessary hassle in the future.

There are multiple tools and websites on the internet through which one can compare a bunch of policies available specially tailored to suit one’s needs.

Fill in details: After making the final selection of a plan, go to the website of the company offering the plan and click on the selected policy. You’ll be redirected to a form asking you to fill in your basic details such as name, age, qualification, etc.

After submitting the basic details, in the subsequent form, you’ll be required to fill in personal details such as DOB, occupation, height, weight. This is generally used to determine your BMI (Body Mass Index). Following this, you’d be required to fill out a comparatively extensive medical form asking questions about your medical history and addictive habits (alcohol, tobacco, etc) if any.

Nominate and pay: Once you successfully complete all the forms, you will be asked to nominate a family member who, in the event of death, will get the money. The final step is signing the declaration that you have filled in all the correct details and making the payment.

Once your transaction is successful, you’ll be emailed all the details of your policy. If you choose you can also ask for the physical documents to be sent by post.

The process mentioned above is fundamental and common to almost all insurance covers. However, the procedure may have slight additions that vary from company to company. For example, some insurers may require you to submit certain documents such as scanned proof of identity, address, passport-sized photos, etc.

Buying a health insurance policy online is simple. The advent of technology has made it easy, fast, and paperless. Nevertheless, if you are struggling with the online process, you can seek help from the website helpdesk or request a callback.

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First Published: 12 Apr 2022, 02:23 PM IST