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World No Tobacco Day 2023: Health insurance for smokers in India; all you need to know

Updated: 31 May 2023, 12:59 PM IST

On World No Tobacco Day, it is important to discuss the benefits of health insurance for smokers in India, as well as the significant advantages of quitting smoking to improve their health and reduce insurance costs in the long run.

Different aspects of health insurance for smokers in India

Different aspects of health insurance for smokers in India

Every year on May 31, the World No Tobacco Day campaign works to raise public awareness on the risks of tobacco use and to advocate appropriate tobacco control policies. Understanding how health insurance might help smokers is vital in India, where smoking is still a major public health risk.

The different aspects of health insurance for smokers in India are covered in this article, along with vital information that will enable readers to make educated decisions regarding their health.

The impact of smoking on health

Smoking plays a significant role in preventable disease and early mortality globally. It raises the chance of a number of illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues, and several types of cancer. Smokers are usually considered high-risk individuals by insurers since they are more prone to have certain health issues. That does not mean, however, that smokers are unable to purchase health insurance.

Availability of health insurance for smokers

Smokers can get health insurance coverage, although some restrictions may apply. Smokers are commonly defined by insurers as those who have ingested tobacco in any form over the previous 12 months. To prevent issues with the claims process, it is essential to be honest when applying for health insurance about your smoking habits.

Premiums for smokers

Because smoking raises your health risks, smokers' insurance rates are frequently higher than non-smokers'. The frequency and length of smoking, as well as the person's general health, are criteria that insurers consider. Depending on the insurer, kind of policy, and level of coverage, the rates may change. However, as insurers may revise the rates after a smoke-free period, quitting smoking might eventually result in lower costs.

Health insurance features available for smokers

Smokers can still benefit from health insurance despite the higher costs because of its many advantages, making it a vital financial investment for their well-being. Here are a few significant benefits:

Financial Protection: Medical costs associated with smoking-related ailments are covered by health insurance. It can aid in reducing the cost of hospitalisation, operations, medicines, and other medical procedures.

Pre-existing Conditions: Smoking-related illnesses are often regarded as pre-existing conditions if they develop themselves after acquiring health insurance coverage. After a certain waiting period, pre-existing conditions are often covered by health insurance coverage. It is critical to comprehend all of your policy's terms and conditions.

Wellness Programs:Some insurance companies provide wellness initiatives designed to aid smokers in quitting. These programs could offer tools, guidance, and assistance to encourage a smoke-free lifestyle. Utilising such programs can save your insurance costs and improve your health in the long run.

Enhanced Coverage: Health insurance plans frequently cover diseases and injuries that are not caused by smoking. This extensive coverage guarantees that you are safeguarded from a wide range of health difficulties beyond diseases brought on by smoking.

Quitting Smoking: A path to better health and insurance rates. Even if smokers have access to health insurance, it is critical to understand the long-term health risks associated with tobacco use. In addition to enhancing your general health, giving up smoking increases your likelihood of obtaining reasonable health insurance premiums in the future. By giving up smoking, you can qualify for policy changes and have access to the advantages of cheaper rates as a non-smoker.


It is vital to emphasise the value of health insurance for smokers in India as we commemorate World No Tobacco Day. Even if smoking is connected with higher rates, people need to realise that health insurance offers important protection against ailments brought on by smoking and other health issues.

One can improve their health and possibly lower their insurance costs in the long term by giving up smoking. Let's urge smokers to put their health first, think about their insurance alternatives, and take action to live a better and smoke-free life on this World No Tobacco Day.

Rakesh Goyal, Director, Probus Insurance Broker


85% of the respondents would consider cutting down on some luxury items so that they could spend more on health insurance
First Published: 31 May 2023, 12:59 PM IST