scorecardresearchWorld No Tobacco Day: Union Health Ministry to launch 60-day 'Tobacco Free

World No Tobacco Day: Union Health Ministry to launch 60-day 'Tobacco Free Youth Campaign' to educate youth. Detail here

Updated: 31 May 2023, 08:45 AM IST

The Union Health Ministry announced a 60-day nationwide “tobacco-free youth” campaign to educate the ill effects of smoking and rampant tobacco use.

World No Tobacco Day: Smoking is not cool

World No Tobacco Day: Smoking is not cool

There is often smoke without fire, but this should not stimulate us to ignore it. Take, for example, the smoke from tobacco that has ended so many lives while rendering millions immobile with its effect. The obfuscating nature of smoke veils the dangers that take a toll on both our physical and mental health. The world observes “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31, though rising statistics of smoking-related illnesses highlight the need to pay heed to it every day.

The Union Health Ministry in its bid to control tobacco use among the country’s youth has decided to launch a 60-day pan-India campaign on the theme “tobacco-free youth” on May 31.

Several efforts, such as a “tobacco-free educational institution”, are part of the “World No Tobacco Day” campaign, which will also take place. Though this may look like a small, innocuous step to prevent tobacco abuse, one may also treat this as a small step towards preventing tobacco users among youngsters while helping smokers to quit their dependence on tobacco.

Though education and the increasing relevance of medical data have helped cut down on tobacco use, the number of smokers and tobacco chewers still continues to be high. The fact that tobacco harms health in the long run prompts the need to have adequate health insurance in place.

Statistics revealing tobacco smoking being the cause of critical disorders including respiratory and heart problems highlight the importance of buying a critical illness plan.

The premium charges on health insurance plans for smokers are high with the companies fixing premiums based on myriad parameters such as location, age, number of dependents, plan, and frequency of tobacco use. However, this must not deter anyone, especially smokers, from buying health insurance policies. Also, the coverage amount must be adequate enough in sync with the current medical inflation, thus, allowing ample scope for the insured to get treated and recover from their illness.

How much health insurance is enough? This is a question asked by all, especially, those paying for health insurance for the first time in their lives.

CA Kanan Bahl, a Finance Educator and Growth Consultant said, “I remember reading an article which claimed that medical inflation in India is rising at 14 per cent per annum. This means roughly two times in every five years. My grandfather’s Covid-19 hospital bill was 20 lakhs in 2020. This would be 40 lakhs in 2025 and 80 lakhs in 2030. This can be taken care of by using a 10 lakhs coverage with a 100% No Claim Bonus (NCB). Coverage of up to 1 crore cover can be taken up using a super top-up cover.”

Should smokers opt for higher insurance coverage? Considering how smokers are at a high risk of morbidity and life-threatening disorders, hefty insurance coverage can save the insured from the grip of hefty medical bills and subsequent personal loans to pay off the bills.

Manju Dhake VP- Insurance, said, “In the Indian context, whether smokers should opt for higher term insurance coverage depends on several factors. Below are the points to consider before opting for higher coverage:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Coverage Needs
  • Health Considerations
  • Future Quitting Plans
  • Professional Advice

Smokers may consider opting for higher-term insurance coverage if their coverage needs warrant it and they are willing to pay the higher premiums associated with smoking. It is important to disclose accurate information and seek professional advice to make an informed decision based on your individual situation.”

There is nothing cool about smoking cigarettes. Put your cigarette down before you put it out. This will save others the risk of inhaling unwanted tobacco smoke and the agony of being afflicted with related health problems.


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