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Lesson 7

Technical Analysis

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Retirement Calculator

Planning to retire, anytime soon? Here’s a simple way to find out how much you need based on your current income.

For a Loan Amount of
and a period of 120 months
at 9% interest, you will be making a
Total Payment of 6,08,04,371
2,08,04,371 being Interest charges
at an EMI of 5,06,703

EMI Calculator

Wanna take a loan? Don’t know the payouts? We’ll help you calculate the Equated Monthly Installments with this easy tool.

Returns Calculator

How do you know if you’re earning the right returns on your investment? Allow us to compare it with stock market/mutual fund returns for the same period.

  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds

SIP Calculator

Systematic Investment Plan is the mutual fund equivalent of a recurring deposit. You invest a fixed sum at regular intervals and enjoy long term returns.