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Our newsletters

MintGenie has a range of newsletters from Monday to Friday to make your investing journey breezy. These newsletters are designed keeping your money investments at its core.

  • On Mondays, you will receive in your inbox Monday Money Mantra
  • Exclusively designed for newbies
  • We will help you make sense of investing
  • Guru-mantras & investing philosophies
  • On Tuesdays, you will receive a Takatak Tutorial
  • Will help you manage your moolah
  • Tips & tricks on how to manage your money
  • Lessons that will make your investing journey easier
  • On Wednesday, decode the financial world in simple ways
  • Make sense of the complex jargons of the investing universe
  • You won’t be scared of terms like overbought, bear market, EBITDA, et al
  • Thursdays are exclusively for stock markets
  • Interviews and thoughts of stock market experts and analysts
  • Eliminate your need to turn to anyone else for markets
  • Deeply researched articles on India’s top listed companies
  • Deeply researched articles on India’s top listed companies
  • We will get the answers from the best experts in the market to help you navigate!