Buying a health insurance? Here's why you should go for one with OPD cover

Updated: 06 Dec 2022, 08:18 AM IST

Some insurers have also redesigned their health insurance packages and customised them based on an assessment of what the insured customers actually look for.

Opt for a cashless health insurance that offers OPD coverage and discounts on premiums.

Expenses on healthcare are going up. This may be attributed to the effect of inflation on the amount now one has to spend on hospitalisation and subsequent treatment. There is intense competition among insurance companies to increase their customer base. This explains their increasing range of services while ensuring the best coverage. Some insurers have also redesigned their health insurance packages and customised them based on an assessment of what the insured customers actually look for.

If you have bought a health insurance plan, it’s time to check if you have reaped in added benefits of having a health policy. If not, you do not have to change your policy outrightly. Rather, upgrade to a health insurance policy that offers extra cashless services like outpatient department (OPD) treatment, cash riders on an everyday basis, guaranteed cumulative bonuses and reduced sub-limits. If these do not sound enough, you may still port to a different plan from the same insurer or a different health insurer offering you the same features for free or at lower premium charges.

What more lies in for you?

Gone are the days when you refused to look beyond the inherent benefits like cashless treatment on being hospitalised for more than 24 hours. The insured rue how much of their earnings is spent on doctor consultations, medicines and diagnostics. Hence, buying health insurance that allows scope for cashless OPD will help. Other than the treatment during hospitalisation, the cashless OPD facility pays off the expenses of regular OPD visits during illness. This frees the insured from spending their hard-earned money on medical tests and over-the-counter medications.

Cashless OPD service covers almost everything starting from paying doctors’ or specialists’ fees, bills of diagnostic tests, medical bills, dental or orthopaedic treatments, minor surgeries and more. However, you must check if your insurer is willing to pay for expenses for the treatment of ocular diseases, buy spectacles and contact lenses or refund the money spent on an ambulance aid, or devices like walkers, etc.

This benefit is much sought after by senior citizens who frequently visit OPD centres for consultations and tests and seek a reliable insurance plan to cover their expenses for their treatment. 

Cumulative bonus guaranteed

If you are considering buying cashless health insurance coverage, look for a plan that guarantees a cumulative bonus as a reward for making fewer claims on the policy. The bonus amount is available for the same premium, thus, resulting in increased coverage of the same insurance amount by 25-30 percent. Some of the insured have also witnessed their coverage amount getting doubled at the same premium charges.

And then there is the loyalty discount on premiums, which allows you to avail of the same insurance coverage at discounted premiums if you continue to seek services from the same health insurer.

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First Published: 06 Dec 2022, 08:18 AM IST