scorecardresearchBajaj Finance to offer 7.6% interest on FDs

Bajaj Finance to offer 7.6% interest on FDs

Updated: 24 Jun 2022, 09:19 AM IST

Bajaj Finance fixed deposits can now earn you 7.6 per cent interest while giving you other benefits like collateral-free loans and the benefit of online investing. 

Bajaj Finance announces 7.6 per cent interest on fixed deposits

Bajaj Finance announces 7.6 per cent interest on fixed deposits

The Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme has raised the bar for those looking to earn high returns from fixed-income schemes. As opposed to most other fixed deposits announced by banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), Bajaj Finance scores high on the bank deposit list by offering 7.60 per cent interest to its investors.

Indians have long considered investments in fixed deposits as the safest way to park their money. Even to date, you will find many people in this country parking a major part of their earnings in bank deposits, especially, long-term auto-renewable deposits, thus, allowing them to avail better returns sans the hassle of renewing them again and again.

Earn more with Bajaj Finance

There are many factors prompting many people to invest in fixed deposits. One is indeed the safety aspect concerning investments and their returns. Second is the fixed nature of income, thus, allowing them to plan their investments accordingly. The most sought-after reason is the high returns that beat the current inflation rate.

Flexibility is another aspect of maintaining fixed deposits with Bajaj Finance. Investors can choose between different payout options including monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually for the non-cumulative fixed deposit option. Those looking for frequent liquidity can benefit from this feature.

Loan against fixed deposits

You can also avail a collateral-free loan against these fixed deposits. The company allows its investors to avail of a loan equal to 75 per cent of the amount kept in deposits, thus, lending them the necessary liquidity as and when required.

If you are looking to invest in a fixed deposit option that yields high returns while also ensuring you the dual benefits of liquidity and collateral-free loans, you can easily invest in their fixed deposit schemes through the web. Online investment in fixed deposits is possible with investors just having to share the necessary details and the amount they wish to secure as fixed deposits for a fixed tenure.

With investment options like these, investors today have surely got more options to plan a well-meant corpus that will see them through their retirement period.

NBFCs pay a higher rate of interest on fixed deposits as compared to regular banks. 
First Published: 24 Jun 2022, 09:19 AM IST