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Love traveling? Here's why travel insurance is important

Updated: 28 Dec 2021, 03:59 PM IST

Travel insurance is the most important investment you can make as a traveler. Let’s understand why it is so important.

Travel insurance is the most important investment you can make as a traveler.

Travel insurance is the most important investment you can make as a traveler.

If you love traveling, travel insurance is the most important investment you can make as a traveler. Whether you are going for business trips or vacations, travel insurance safeguards you from any unforeseen risks during your domestic or international trips.

A number of emergencies can spoil your travel. From losing your check-in baggage to sudden medical expenses, travel insurance acts as a safety net for a secure trip.

It is the type of insurance that covers costs and losses associated with traveling and is a form of protection for travelers.

How to Get Travel Insurance?

Many companies sell tickets and travel packages and provide an option to customers for purchasing travel insurance. The travelers have to pay an extra fee to opt for insurance. Some travel insurance policies also cover damage to property, equipment, or even a ransom payment.

It usually covers all services like loss of passports, rebooking canceled flights, etc. Different packages offer different sets of benefits which you can choose from depending on your travel plans.

Advantages of having a travel insurance

Medical emergency: Despite meticulous planning, some things can still go wrong on a trip. incurring a medical cost that was not planned and be one of them. Travel insurance policies cover the cost of emergency medical services up to a particular limit. Any medical treatment required due to a disease or accident while traveling will be covered under the policy. It also pays the cost of other hospital services like ambulances etc. These services can be offered on a cashless basis or b reimbursed depending on the plan you opt for while buying your travel insurance.

Travel risk: Loss of passport, loss of baggage, cancellation of flight, even missing flights or trains are some non-medical emergencies we might incur during our travel. Travel insurance provides financial support during such emergencies. You will get compensation up to a particular limit in such scenarios. Without Travel Insurance, these costs would have to be borne by you. It also provides cover if your bookings are canceled or delayed. If you have an emergency and have to rush home, or travel with a companion, the insurance has a solution for all.

Why travel insurance is important

Assistance: In case of any problems on your trip, the insurance firms provide 24*7 assistance. If you are having language barriers or geographical constraints or any kind of emergency, you will have a dedicated team to help you. From credit card fraud to stolen cash and belongings, travel insurance helps cover unforeseen situations in an unknown land.

Apart from these reasons, there are some countries that mandatorily require visitors to have travel insurance and an absence of it can prohibit you from entering the country. A number of times visa applications also get rejected due to a lack of such insurance. So especially if you are traveling abroad, make sure you check if your destination country has such a requirement.

If you are still wondering why you should get travel insurance, consider the risks and the amount of money you will have to pay out of your own pocket if such emergencies happen suddenly. It will not only protect you from the risks in a foreign land but also provide assistance whenever needed.

First Published: 28 Dec 2021, 03:59 PM IST