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Vehicle insurance: 4 essential add-on covers to protect your vehicle against monsoon

Updated: 08 Jul 2023, 11:13 AM IST

A comprehensive car insurance cover is not enough. For complete coverage, paying for add-on covers becomes necessary. Add-ons are optional coverage choices that can be incorporated into a comprehensive car insurance policy, expanding its coverage and providing extra protection.

Buying add-on covers apart from a comprehensive car insurance policy helps

Buying add-on covers apart from a comprehensive car insurance policy helps

Enjoying taking a shower in the monsoons this year? However, check if your car or vehicle is equally comfortable taking a hit from the incessant rains or being stuck in waterlogged regions. Contrary to the belief that buying a comprehensive car or vehicle insurance policy suffices to protect your vehicle against the vagaries of the weather, personal finance experts insist on vehicle owners paying for specific add-on covers to protect their car engines against damage.

Take, for example, the engine and gearbox protection add-on cover provides insurance against any damage caused to the engine or gearbox of a vehicle due to waterlogging or hydrostatic lock during the monsoon season.

In times of heavy rainfall, waterlogging, or floods, there is a risk of water entering the vehicle and causing damage to the engine. This type of claim is highly common during the monsoon season. Repairing or replacing the engine can be a significant expense as it is one of the costliest components of a vehicle.

Even without the car being completely submerged in water, heavy rains have the potential to cause water damage to the interior and electrical components of the vehicle. Water seepage can harm the car’s upholstery, dashboard, and electrical wiring, resulting in expensive repairs. In instances such as these, the insurance company usually covers only a portion of the expenses. This is where add-on covers or riders prove to be beneficial, as they provide additional coverage for such costs.

When you have a zero-depreciation cover, the insurance company fully compensates the cost of repairing or replacing damaged auto parts, ensuring you don't bear any depreciation costs.

Which add-on covers can plug the coverage gap?

Add-on covers are additional coverage options that can be included in a comprehensive car insurance policy, offering an expanded scope of protection. These four add-ons are essential during the monsoon season to enhance coverage and ensure additional safeguards.

Availing of the engine protection cover

With the engine protector, your vehicle is covered in the event of a hydrostatic lock, which occurs when water enters the vehicle’s air valve, resulting in engine blockage. To ensure adequate protection for your car's engine against losses caused by liquid ingress, it is highly essential to acquire an engine protector add-on. Starting your car while it is submerged in water can lead to breakdowns, and subsequent engine repairs can result in substantial costs. Since standard motor insurance policies usually do not cover consequential damage of this nature, having the engine protector add-on becomes vital for comprehensive protection.

Roadside assistance cover in case of emergency

During the monsoon season, vehicle breakdowns are highly prevalent. If you find yourself stranded in a waterlogged area with your car unable to move, having the 24x7 roadside assistance add-on cover can be advantageous. By opting for this cover, you gain access to prompt and professional towing services, effectively preventing any additional damage to your vehicle.

Zero depreciation cover for total coverage

With a zero-depreciation cover in place, policyholders are eligible to receive full reimbursement for the entire amount of damage incurred, without considering the depreciated value of the affected components. This valuable add-on ensures that policyholders can recover the maximum amount as the insurance company covers the complete cost of replacement parts, disregarding any depreciation.

Consumable coverage means full coverage for consumables

By adding this beneficial add-on, you gain coverage for the costs related to essential consumable items such as engine oil, coolant, and brake oil. These expenses are incurred during repairs necessitated by damages caused by floods, water-logging, or accidents in the monsoon season.

Tyre protection add-on cover

In the monsoon season, tires endure substantial wear and tear. By obtaining this add-on, you gain financial assistance for both full labor charges and the costs associated with tire replacement. This coverage proves invaluable in providing support during such situations.

Daily allowance add-on cover

In situations where your car is rendered completely immobilized or requires repairs, this add-on feature provides compensation for renting an alternative vehicle to cover your transportation needs. The coverage extends for a specified number of days, up to a predetermined daily limit. It's essential to be aware that the specific daily limit for reimbursement may vary depending on the insurance company you choose.

Nevertheless, incorporating an add-on into a car insurance policy is typically only feasible during the renewal period. Insurance providers generally grant policyholders the opportunity to assess and adjust their policy coverage while going through the renewal process. During this specific period, customers are provided with the chance to assess their insurance needs and make any necessary adjustments or enhancements to their coverage for the forthcoming policy term.

It makes sense to pay for these add-on covers if you are living in an area prone to water logging because of monsoons. Apart, vehicle owners living in cities bordering the coast must consider buying these add-on covers to secure their vehicles. This is because regions located along the coast frequently encounter heavy rainfall, waterlogging, and elevated humidity levels, posing significant risks. The damaging effects of water and the corrosive nature of saltwater are major concerns. To address these risks, the engine protection cover and consumables cover can prove invaluable in mitigating potential damages associated with such conditions.

Furthermore, individuals residing in hilly areas frequently encounter instances of landslides during the monsoon season. To provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle, it is highly recommended to consider a comprehensive motor cover that incorporates suitable add-on covers.


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First Published: 08 Jul 2023, 11:13 AM IST