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Wedding season is here; What is wedding insurance policy and what’s in for you

Updated: 25 Nov 2022, 10:49 AM IST

Wedding is not only an auspicious event, but finance-full as well. Wedding insurance helps you in giving protection against unfortunate loss. This article will explain everything about wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance can help you in protecting your marriage.

Wedding insurance can help you in protecting your marriage.

Big fat wedding is a dream of many, but it could cost you all of your years of savings and investments. Don’t you think a single mishap might get you bankrupt? Cancelling your wedding could be a stressful situation, whatever the reason is. All the bookings and making all the arrangements a second time could be a cumbersome process and gets heavy on your finances as well.

To solve the problem, wedding insurance can help you in protecting your marriage. Insurance companies have recognised such a problem and provide you protection against any mishap at the time of your wedding.

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What is wedding insurance?

In the case of any unfortunate event at your wedding, your insurance company will provide you financial protection against all of the losses you have incurred due to such an unfortunate event. Event includes, but is not limited to, wedding cancellation, material damage to the property, personal accident cover for insured persons and public liability. 

There are several types of wedding insurance provided by the companies, and you can also get an add-on facility from your insurance company to customise your plan.

What would be coverage?

There are various coverage provided by the insurance, we will understand each one deeply.

Wedding cancellation

Wedding cancellation due to uncertain unfortunate reasons like theft, burglary, earthquake, fire at the wedding event, bride or groom's inability to reach at the wedding due to accident, severe illness resulting in hospitalisation or death. Your insurance will cover the amount you have paid as advance to the event managers, caterers, and other arrangements.

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Physical loss

You can claim for any damage occurred to your physical property due to earthquake, fire or theft. Your insurance company will give you coverage for your loss in jewellery, precious stones, or other physical gifts in the property.

Personal accident

Your blood relatives can claim for any accidental death, partial or full disability due to an accident. You can only claim such a coverage if the person's name is mentioned in the policy document.

Damage of public property

Any loss occurred to the public property or damage to a third party at the avenue of wedding will be covered by your insurance company. You can claim such a loss under such circumstances.

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Exclusions from your coverage

Any mishap occurred due to an unnatural event, like an accident due to drugs, over drunk, or any case which is not natural.

Act of terrorism

Death or injury happens to the policyholder or the person whose name is mentioned in the policy in the case of war or war-like situation, or suicide.

Death or injury happened due to pre-diagnosed diseases

Wedding insurance will not only help you keep your finances stable at the time of uncertain and expected events at your big special day. You will definitely not want to spoil your wedding experience; it doesn't matter if it gets cancelled for the first time. Wedding insurance can help you in keeping your wedding dream alive.

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These are the four common exclusions for insurance policies.
First Published: 25 Nov 2022, 10:49 AM IST