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What factors drive veteran fund manager Mark Mobius's optimism in India's investment landscape?

Updated: 27 Jun 2023, 10:16 AM IST

Mark Mobius, a renowned fund manager, sees India as a promising market due to its robust economic growth, promising demographics, and potential for identifying undervalued companies.

Mobius highlights specific sectors in India where he sees strong growth potential.

Mobius highlights specific sectors in India where he sees strong growth potential.

Veteran fund manager Mark Mobius has established his reputation by scouring the globe for investment opportunities in emerging markets. With decades of experience under his belt, Mobius has recently set his sights on India as a key market with tremendous capabilities.

With his seasoned experience and a keen eye for potential, Mobius provides valuable perspectives on India's investment landscape and the exciting possibilities it presents. In this article, we delve into Mobius's insights and explore why he believes India holds a promising future for investors.

India's robust economic growth

One of the key factors driving Mobius's optimism is India's robust economic growth. With a growth rate exceeding 7%, India stands out among global economies. This steady expansion provides a solid foundation for businesses and indicates a thriving economy with significant growth prospects.

Mobius believes that a rule of thumb states that if a country sustains a 7% growth rate, a reasonably good company should be able to double that growth rate. As such, he expects earnings per share growth of around 14%, making India an attractive investment destination.

Promising demographics and consumer demand

India's demographics play a crucial role in its investment appeal. With a large and youthful population, the country offers a vibrant consumer market. The rising middle class and increasing purchasing power present abundant opportunities across various sectors.

Mobius recognizes the potential of this demographic dividend, as consumer demand continues to surge. From retail to healthcare and beyond, businesses catering to India's evolving consumer preferences have the potential to thrive.

Identifying undervalued companies

Despite India's stock market nearing its peak, Mobius remains optimistic about finding undervalued companies with substantial growth potential. His investment strategy revolves around identifying hidden gems trading at attractive valuations.

By focusing on companies that may be overlooked by others, Mobius aims to capitalize on their future success. While acknowledging the risks associated with investing in emerging markets, Mobius believes that India's market offers several excellent companies, making it an appealing investment destination.

Focused investment strategy

Mobius highlights specific sectors in India where he sees strong growth potential. One of his significant holdings in India is APL Apollo Tubes, a leading manufacturer of construction tubing. With India's infrastructure development and construction boom in full swing, the demand for construction materials is soaring.

Another sector Mobius focuses on is healthcare testing, with investments in companies like Metropolis Healthcare. As India's healthcare sector continues to expand, the demand for quality diagnostics and testing services is rising. Furthermore, Mobius recognizes the growth potential in India's thriving air travel industry, having recently invested in Dreamfolks Services, a company specializing in airline lounges.

As India's economy continues to thrive and its demographics fuel consumer demand, Mobius's investment insights serve as a valuable guide for those seeking to tap into the country's potential and participate in its growth story.

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First Published: 27 Jun 2023, 10:16 AM IST