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Your Questions Answered: Which is the comprehensive health insurance coverage I can buy for myself and my family?

Updated: 09 Aug 2023, 09:17 AM IST

Premium health insurance plans provide extensive coverage and extra benefits beyond standard plans. Higher policy limits, extensive coverage, access to premium hospitals and specialists, worldwide coverage are some of its features.

Features of premium health insurance plans

Features of premium health insurance plans

Q. I am Anjul Lodha, working with a software company in Gurugram. I am looking for comprehensive health insurance coverage for myself and my family. It must offer extensive coverage, offer high policy limits, and provide access to top-notch medical facilities. Please advise.

It’s good to know that you are clear about the kind of premium health policy you want, Anjul. Such a policy can offer you a sense of security and reassurance during unforeseen medical situations.

Premium health insurance plans, also known as top-tier or high-end plans, generally offer enhanced coverage and additional benefits compared to regular plans. Here are some of the features of premium health insurance plans.

Higher policy limits: Premium plans come with higher policy limits, which means the insurance provider will cover a larger portion of your medical expenses. This can be beneficial if you or a family member requires expensive medical treatments or procedures. Premium plans often have no or minimum limitations on features like room rent and hospitalisation coverage, allowing policyholders to access high-quality medical services without restrictions.

Extensive coverage: Premium plans provide comprehensive coverage for various healthcare needs. These include inpatient hospitalisation, outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests, medication expenses, pre- and post-hospitalization coverage, maternity benefits, and even coverage for alternative therapies.

Access to premium hospitals and specialists: Some premium plans provide access to a network of renowned hospitals, clinics, and specialists. This ensures you have access to quality healthcare services and the best medical practitioners. They also provide dedicated customer support services to assist you with claim processing, hospitalisation, and other healthcare-related needs.

Worldwide coverage: Premium health insurance plans may offer international coverage, allowing you to access healthcare services abroad. This is particularly beneficial if you frequently travel or prefer seeking medical treatment from renowned hospitals or specialists in other countries.

Additional benefits: Premium plans may include additional benefits such as wellness programmes, comprehensive preventive health check-ups, reduction in waiting periods for pre-existing conditions, and higher coverage for critical illnesses.

However, Anjul, you must know that premium health insurance plans typically come with higher premiums. The cost of these plans may vary based on factors such as age, family size, location, and medical history.

We recommended you consult your financial advisor or an IRDA-certified insurance intermediary. They would evaluate your requirements, present you with appropriate choices, and explain each plan. Please remember to carefully review the policy documents, terms, and conditions before deciding.

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First Published: 09 Aug 2023, 09:17 AM IST