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Can we open demat account with zero balance account?

Updated: 20 Jun 2022, 08:25 AM IST

A zero balance demat account provides the services of a demat account but without the requirement for a minimum balance. Isn’t it cool? Let’s understand more on this

A zero balance demat account provides the same services as a demat account minus the requirement for a minimum balance.

A zero balance demat account provides the same services as a demat account minus the requirement for a minimum balance.

A demat account is required to buy and sell shares and stocks without the burden of unneeded documentation. It is quick, convenient, and simple to make use of all at once. As with an online demat account that requires a minimum amount from the user, a zero balance demat account offers the same services as a demat account without the need for a minimum balance.

A zero brokerage demat account, unlike traditional demat accounts, allows you to save money year after year. It provides all of the same features as a traditional demat account.

Features of zero balance demat account

All segments have zero brokerage

This is a one-of-a-kind account that allows you to trade in all market sectors without paying a brokerage fee. This account allows you to purchase and sell futures, debt, commodities trading, equities, and other financial products without incurring any fees.

For delivery trading, there is no commission

For delivery trading, there is no brokerage, which means you may sell and buy individual stocks for zero rupees per deal. According to market research, only a small percentage of investors invest in delivery transactions. As a result, keeping it free is an effective marketing technique for attracting additional investors.

The goal of maintaining delivery trading brokerage free is to provide novices the opportunity to try their hand at free equity delivery trading. With time, these newbies will be more likely to continue with derivatives and intraday trading, both of which are not free.

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Plan on a monthly or annual basis

When it comes to acquiring a zero-brokerage account, this is the third and last part of brokerage free trading. Monthly or annual plans are frequently heavily discounted, with special offers running all year. This sort of demat account is best for individuals who trade in large volumes and are very active in the stock market. In other words, intraday traders may stand to gain the most from such agreements.

Steps to open a zero balance demat account

Securing a zero demat account may appear more difficult than it is. The truth is that by conducting thorough research online and comparing rates from other brokers, you will be able to rapidly locate one of India's finest zero brokerage demat accounts.

Create a list of all available demat accounts

In India, unlimited trading plans and zero balance demat accounts are accessible, but keep in mind that there are only a few stockbrokers that provide these services at any one moment. Also, remember that the zero balance plan you got now may become charged one year later. Visit the official websites of brokerage houses in India to seek for zero brokerage demat accounts.

Compare and choose the best plan for you

Comparing the various designs found is a crucial step that many people overlook. Make a list of brokers and compare them to a variety of services. Keep an eye out for any unexpected expenditures. Transaction fees may be charged by some brokers that are not explicitly stated but are referenced in the small print.

All of these fees should be avoided with a real zero brokerage demat account. As a result, it is critical to study the policy documents for all of the brokers you have chosen thoroughly before deciding which one best meets your needs.

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Read about taxation and other aspects of pricing

Perhaps the most crucial step is to examine the pricing details for the package you choose. Pricing information will be available on a separate page from the main website and will include all pertinent information regarding whether or not your zero balance demat account will charge you.

Even for individuals who have zero brokerage demat accounts, the central depositories may charge GST, and stock exchanges may have their own transaction charges that are distinct from the broker. These additional expenses are generally not stated in zero balance plans.

You must carefully examine the price information of your plan when looking for a zero balance demat account in India, compare brokers and select a plan that is most suited to your long-term investment goal.

A lot of money may be saved with such methods, especially if you are an intraday trader or a trader who deals frequently and in large quantities. Be informed about GST, stock exchange transaction expenses, and other fees associated with a demat account, even if they are paid to third parties other than your broker.

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First Published: 20 Jun 2022, 08:25 AM IST