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8 factors to consider before opting for a digital loan

Updated: 17 Sep 2023, 09:48 AM IST

Digital loans are gaining popularity due to convenience in fast access to credit. Although these loans provide ample benefits, certain considerations should be kept in mind while availing these financial products.

Before applying for a digital loan, it is essential to verify the credibility of the lender.

Before applying for a digital loan, it is essential to verify the credibility of the lender.

In recent years, India has witnessed a significant surge in the adoption of digital technologies, and this trend has also extended to the financial sector. Digital loans have gained popularity as a convenient and accessible option for individuals and businesses seeking quick access to credit.

While these loans offer numerous benefits, there are also several special considerations that borrowers should keep in mind before availing themselves of such financial products. In this article, we will discuss some crucial factors to consider when taking digital loans.

Credibility of the lender

In the digital lending landscape, various lenders, including traditional banks and financial technology (fintech) companies, offer loans through online platforms. Before applying for a digital loan, it is essential to verify the credibility of the lender. Research the lender's background, reviews, and reputation to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate and authorised entity. This will help protect you from falling victim to fraudulent practices or predatory lending.

Data privacy and security

When applying for a digital loan, you will be required to share personal and financial information with the lender. It is crucial to ensure that the lender employs robust data privacy and security measures to safeguard your sensitive data. Look for lenders who are compliant with data protection regulations and have stringent security protocols in place to prevent data breaches or unauthorised access to your information.

Transparent terms and conditions

Carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of the loan before proceeding with the application. Digital loan platforms should provide clear and concise information about interest rates, processing fees, repayment tenures, and any additional charges. Avoid lenders with ambiguous terms or hidden fees, as this can lead to unexpected financial burdens in the future.

Interest rates and charges

Interest rates on digital loans may vary significantly between different lenders. Compare the interest rates offered by multiple lenders to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Additionally, be cautious of lenders offering exceptionally low-interest rates, as they may have hidden charges or unfavourable terms elsewhere in the agreement.

Repayment flexibility

Check the repayment options offered by the lender to determine if they align with your financial capabilities. Some digital loan platforms offer flexible repayment schedules, allowing borrowers to customise their EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) based on their income and expenses. Opt for a lender that provides manageable repayment options to avoid defaulting on the loan.

Customer support

A reliable and efficient customer support system is essential for addressing any queries or issues that may arise during the loan application or repayment process. Check if the lender offers multiple channels for customer support, such as phone, email, or chat, and assess their responsiveness to customer inquiries. Prompt and reliable customer support can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth borrowing experience.

Reviews and testimonials

Before finalising a digital loan, read reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gain insights into their experiences. This will give you a better understanding of the lender's service quality, responsiveness, and overall borrower satisfaction.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure that the lender complies with all the relevant regulatory requirements set forth by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other financial governing bodies. Borrowing from RBI-regulated entities provides an added layer of security and recourse in case of any disputes.

Digital loans offer convenience and accessibility in the Indian financial landscape. However, potential borrowers must exercise caution and undertake due diligence before opting for such loans. By considering factors such as lender credibility, data privacy, transparent terms, interest rates, repayment flexibility, customer support, and regulatory compliance, borrowers can make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls. Responsible borrowing, coupled with awareness of these special considerations, can help individuals and businesses harness the benefits of digital loans effectively.

Pramod Kathuria, Founder and CEO, Easiloan

As per RBI data, home loans grew 8.4% between March and October, faster than the preceding six month period during which there were no hikes.
First Published: 17 Sep 2023, 09:48 AM IST