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Valentine’s Day: When rules play the villain’s part

Updated: 14 Feb 2022, 03:41 PM IST

There are scores of things you want to do for your love interest, but can’t — as the rules put a spoke in the wheels

Most experts advice couples to take joint financial decisions. 

Most experts advice couples to take joint financial decisions. 

When you are in a committed relationship, your every decision – personal or professional would have some bearing on your partner. Of course, you would want a strong and healthy companionship for which it’s completely understandable to go overboard when you offer to share everything in your possession with your partner — from your mobile’s passcode to social media handle’s password.

However, there are several things that you may want to do, but perhaps cannot! This is an indicative list of some of those:

First, if you are not in a ‘committed’ relationship (in India, ‘commitment’ still implies the ‘m’ word i.e., Marriage!) then you can’t even open a joint bank account. It is usually a practice for business partners or husband-wife, etc.

Second, let’s say you have a dependent partner and you happen to open a joint account – your partner would need your signature every time they want to withdraw the money. So, if you think that you open an account wherein you only deposit a sum of money and the partner can only withdraw, then this is not a very feasible plan unless you give them your debit card. 

Third, if you are thinking about buying a financial asset in your partner’s name such as some cryptocurrency tokens, your plan will get dashed at the outset without the mandatory KYC required by the exchange. So, this too is ruled out.

Fourth. If you are planning to give a surprise overseas trip, you can’t make a booking unless you know their passport number. So, a surprise may not remain a surprise if you ask for the passport number abruptly. 

Fifth. The least of all, if your partner is travelling, and you don’t know their exact address, you probably can’t pre-order an expensive gift or flowers, etc. on the Valentine’s Day. 

Sixth. If you are a mature adult, you wouldn't risk bringing your girlfriend in a suitcase as a student attempted in Manipal hostel in the first week of February this year. However, even renting or buying a flat together would not be easy in some towns unless you are legally wedded to the person you are dating.   

So, one can see that being a truly romantic partner is not as easy as it is shown in the Hindi movies. There are some rules and roadblocks on this bumpy road to love, especially when you are in love, and want to show it too! 


First Published: 14 Feb 2022, 02:59 PM IST